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Ebenezer Ankrah better known by his stage name Ebenezer D’Psalmist, is a Toronto based worship leader, song writer, and instrumentalist whose mission is to reach out to people, especially youth/young adults , touch lives and win souls for Jesus Christ through his music. 


At the tender age of six, Ebenezer was the leading soloist at his home church in Ghana. He spent the majority of his teenage years as a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, worship leader, learning instruments and working on music. 

Ebenezer describes his sound as being a combination of his experiences and culture. He spent his childhood in Kumasi, Ghana and migrated to Toronto, Canada at the tender age of 10. Ebenezer’s exposure to culture and various influences can be heard in his music and best described as inspirational mixed with contemporary Soul/R&B. He also incorporates his creativity using His Ghanaian heritage. 


For the past 6 years, Ebenezer's creative abilities have blossomed, giving him the opportunity to bring together various artists in a gospel concert dubbed Act of Worship. This project along with the passion of teaching music and deep desire to help and reach out to the youth, has resulted in various community based initiatives such as One Touch Group ™ and One Touch Music Academy ™. 


Ebenezer has emerged as an impactful Worship Leader for the Toronto based ministry, Christian Hope International. 


Ebenezer’s pursuit in life is pretty simple : to live a life worthy of the call he’s been trusted with.

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